MoyoSport | FAQ

How to charge it?

Connect the charger to the battery, and then insert the charger into the wall power outlet. It can also be taken out and charged separately, and the indicator on the side of the battery shows when the battery is fully charged.

How long does it take to charge it?

It takes about 4 to 6 hours to charge, depending on the state of the battery before charging.

What is the biggest feature of the electric bicycle?

Electric bikes can help riders overcome obstacles. Most importantly, this way is very interesting, you can ride farther, see more scenery, and have some additional function to bring more cycling possibilities.

What is the maximum speed I can reach?

You can check the maximum speed of the electric power bike by checking the specification table. Speed regulations vary from place to place, please check the local regulations for confirmation.

What are the advantages of the middle drive motor?

This configuration can keep the weight in the middle, the overall weight is light, easier to control, can improve the cycling quality.

Why are there any different power levels?

Riders don't always need the same power. Reducing power use can extend battery life

Can I lock in the battery?

Yes, the battery is locked on the bike, and you must use the key to take it out.

Can the lights continue to work if the battery runs out?

yes. The battery management system will stop supplying power to the electric booster when the battery capacity reaches a certain point, but still has enough power to operate the cycling lights.